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FIEP Report for 2009 ICSSPE Meetings in Brisbane
(July 4. – July 6, 2009)

Prepared by Branislav Antala (Slovakia) and José Fernandes Filho (Brasil)

Since last general meeting of ICSSPE in Gauzghou on july 2008, FIEP has been mantaining its work on schedule. The organization routine was influeced by the death of its World President Prof. Dr. Manuel José Gomes Tubino on December 18, 2008.

1. New FIEP World Board and new FIEP Representatives in ICSP

During the 24th FIEP International Congress in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, on January 2009, was held the meeting of FIEP delegates, where the question of FIEP work in following period was discussed after the unexpected death of president of the FIEP World Prof. Dr. Manuel José Gomes Tubino. Manuel Tubino was awarded, in memoriam, for FIEP President of Honor. The delegates then agree with the following structure of the FIEP World Board till next general assembly being held:

FIEP World President : Almir GRUHN (Brazil)
FIEP World General Secretary and Tresurier : Paulo ANTONELLI (Brazil)
FIEP World International Vice-president : Branislav ANTALA (Slovakia)

At the same time, Branislav Antala will be still the FIEP Vice-president for Europe. There were no changes in others positions.

The delegates also agree with the FIEP representatives in the International Council of Sport Pedagogy (ICSP) in ICSSPE:

Branislav ANTALA (Slovakia)
José Fernandes FILHO (Brazil)
Airikki POUSI (Finland)

2. FIEP activity in latest periode ( august 2008 – june 2009)

FIEP has been organising Congresses, Conferences, Seminars and Courses all over the world. The greatest activities were in South America, Europe and Arabic countries. The most important events of this period were:

FIEP World Congress - Vierumaki, Finland, 2008

On August 6 – 10 was held the 2008 FIEP World Congress in Vierumaki, Finland, which was superb organised by finish FIEP delegate Airikki Pousi with support of Sport Institute of Finland, Univesity Haaga-Helia and others institutions. At the same time, on the same place was held 7th International P.E. Teacher Seminar. There were present delegates, teachers and researchers from 28 countries all over the world. Total number of participants was over 400.

The purpose of the 2008 FIEP World Congress was to introduce scientific research and the best practices in the field of physical education, as well as stregthen international collaboration, and promote physical education in general.

During congress Ken Hardman was honored with „FIEP Gold cross of honour“.During the meeting, FIEP delegates accepted „ Action Plan 2008 – 2012“ for Europe.

24th FIEP International Congress - Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, 2009

During 10th – 14th of January 2009, the 24th FIEP International Congress was held in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil. This Congress is traditionaly the biggest FIEP event in Latin America. More than 3000 participants from more than 15 countries of the world have participated.

Participants of the Congress honored the memory of last president of the FIEP World, prof. Manuel Tubino from Brazil. Congress was also related with the celebration of 60th FIEP anniversary in Brazil and Latin America and inauguration of Almir Gruhn et al.book: „60 years of FIEP in Brazil“. On the ocassion of the celebration, a new post stamp was published by brazilian post office agency and many celebrities from all over the world were awarded with the Prof. Sylvio Jose Raso’s Medal for their share on the Physical Education and Sport development in Brazil and Latin America.

Formal program was completed by traditional FIEP TOP Brazil Awards for the best physical education teachers, best publications and best websites. Gold and Silver Cross of Honor for the 2008 year were given to personalities of the physical education and sports in Latin America as well. Congress agenda was transmitted via internet by TV Virtual FIEP and many TV-stations from Brazil have also participated.

Important part of the congress was also FIEP delegates meeting, where questions of the FIEP future and new FIEP World Board structure were discussed.

1st FIEP African International Congress, Monastir, Tunisia, 2009

From 28th of April to 30th of April 2009 International congress was held in Monastir in Tunisia „Reality of physical education – motor education or sport as education? What’s tendencies?“. Congress was organized by Institut Supérier du Sport et de l ´Education Physique of Sfax (ISSEPS) in cooperation with FIEP and STAPS - University of Paris Descartes in France. It was organized with support of Mr. Samir Labidi, Tunis Ministry of youth, sports and physical education, who has participated personally on congress opening ceremony. Congress participants were specialists from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan and France.

The conclusions of the Congress will be presented after analyzing in FIEP Bulletin and also on FIEP Europe website. Congress participants have agreed that the next 2010 Congress will take place on Marrocos. The 2010 subjects as follow: history, idiosyncrasies and problems of physical education in the world, especially in Maghreb countries.

3. FIEP Bulletin and FIEP Bulletin on - line

Very important FIEP activity is FIEP Bulletin edition. It has been published 2 time in year and four languages (English - French – Spanich - Portuguese). Since 2008, the FIEP Bulletin will be edited in electronical version, as well – www.fiepbulletin.net .

4. FIEP TV virtual

During 2008 FIEP General Assembly “TV FIEP virtual“ has started its activity: The 2009 Congress oppening ceremony was transmited by satelite for all over the world. It’s website is avaible at : www.tvvirtualfiep.com

5. Prince Faisal Award

In the cooperation with Arabic Sport Confederation and ICSSPE FIEP regularly awards best scientific works related to physical education and sport. These works have to be related to the following themas: International understanding, solidarity and peace security and stressed on Arabic PE and Sport, which will be supported moral and financial by „ Prince Faisal Award “. FIEP will contribute to this award between the years of 2008-2011.

6. International cooperation

Traditionally good cooperation is with UNESCO, ICSSPE, AISEP, ISCPES, Council of Europe and many other organisations.

7. New FIEP – Europe Secretariad and new FIEP Europe website

In Bratislava (Slovakia) at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Comenius University is installed new FIEP-Europe secretariat (e-mail: antala@fsport.uniba.sk). New FIEP-Europe website (www.fiepeurope.eu) has been prepared.

8. Upcoming events

5th FIEP European Congress: “Competences of Physical Education Teacher in 21.st Century“, Niš, Serbia, 23. 9.-26.9.2009 (www.fiep-congress.org.rs)

III. Euroamerican Congress of Human Kinetics „Sport, Intervention and Social Transformation“ Murcia, Spain, 7.10.-9.10.2009 (www.redeuromh.com)

25th FIEP International Congress in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, 16.1. – 20.1. 2010 (www.congressofiep.com) .