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II. International Conference “Healthy Lifestyle of Children and Adolescents: Traditions and Innovations” was held on 1st–2nd of April, 2015 at the Belgorod Institute of Education Development

The Conference was held on 1st -2nd of April 2015. Participants were representatives of 12 Russian regions; foreign participants came from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Transnistria, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, Singapore and Iraq. The conference was open with a video greeting of Branislav Antala, FIEP Europe President.

The experience of municipal systems of education in the field of protecting and promoting healthy life-style among children and adolescents has been presented; the questions of current importance were discussed in 7 sections. There were organized poster sessions, public lectures by the leading scientists in the field of health education and workshops on innovative technologies by practicing teachers.

For instance, the primary school teacher of the Belgorod schools N 49 Zaytseva T. presented a workshop “Protection of health of the junior schoolchildren using sensory-motor developmental environment”; primary school teacher of the Stroitel school N2 Smolko L. gave an open class about “The formation of the interest in healthy lifestyle through the implementation of the narrative structure in the lesson”. Those teachers are the winners of the regional competition “Teacher of health of the Belgorod region 2014”. The winner of the regional competition “Best teacher 2011” became the English language teacher of the S. Oskol school N40 who is also the winner of the national Lashchenov prize; she gave a workshop “Designing and implementing models of health saving educational foreign language classes in accordance with GEF”.

The workshops with physical education teachers took place at the sports complex of the Belgorod University. A. Petrov, PE teacher from Borisovka School N2 presented practical lesson “Innovative health saving technologies in the system of a health oriented school”. V. Perelygin, a PE teacher from Belgorod gymnasium N22, the winner of the regional level of the international teaching innovations fair 2013, the winner of the regional competition “The teacher of health of the Belgorod region 2014” posed an important question with his workshop “Can playing sports save one’s health?” and gave a positive answer. G. Savonova, PE teacher of the S. Oskol school N21, the winner of the municipal competition “The best teacher 2014”, the winner of the national competition in the teaching art presented a workshop “The formation of physical culture of the individual student by means of choreography”. The Turkish representative from Gedik University, national coordinator of the Sherborne Developmental Movement (SDM) Aysegul Rosa Aksoj introduced SDM with her workshop. The practical part of the conference was very lively; in the end, a discussion on the topic of general concern - problems of creating healthy life style among schoolchildren - took place.

The conference has shown that the Belgorod region has its own concept of development of the health oriented educational systems; the region also has working programs “Milk at school”, “Honey at school”, “Fresh water”, projects on modernization of the school medical infrastructure and implementation health saving technologies into the educational process. In the years 2011-2014, with the financial assistance of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, several training platforms for the promotion of models of healthy life style formation and modernization of the school food had operated in the region. New projects aiming on creating the culture of healthy life style among teachers and students has started in 2015.

Following the conference, a resolution was adopted; the rector of the Belgorod Institute of Education Development, N. Kiriy awarded letters of gratuity and certificates to all the participants. The Director of the Institute of hygiene and health of children and adolescents “Scientific center of children health” of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, V. Kuchma noted high level of organization of the conference and expressed hope for future cooperation.

Conference was organized with FIEP endorsement.

Report prepared by FIEP National delegate of Russia, Professor Fedor Sobyanin