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FIEP books 2019 – Call for articles

„Physical Education in Early Childhood Education and Care: Researches - Best Practices - Situation”

In 2019 FIEP in cooperation with ERASMUS + project “LUDUS – Just Move and Have Fun” is planning to publish a book „Physical Education in Early Childhood Education and Care: Researches - Best Practices - Situation”with subtopics:

• Researches - study /review on the effects (benefits) of physical education, physical activities in kindergartens and nurseries on motor, intellectual, social and other areas of personal development of children;

• Best practices: Presentation of the main projects and best practices;

• Situation – review of physical education, physical activities in the pre-primary education, curriculum, teacher education etc.

We are offering the opportunity to contribute a “chapter” article for publication to FIEP delegates, members and friends.

Project coordinators: Branislav Antala and Adriana Kaplánová – Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, Giyasettin Demirhan - Hacettepe University, Turkey, Attilio Carraro - University of Padova, Italy and Cagla Oktar - Sport Volunteers Association;

Sending articles in electronic version to e-mail:kaplanova8@uniba.sk with c/c to branislav.antala@uniba.sk

Language: English or French

Deadline for sending articles: 30th of April, 2019

Planning edition – October 2019

Article requirements: range - max.10 pages; structure of the article – title, author/authors (first name and surname), workplace, country; abstract, key words, text; photos; font: Times New Roman, fond size: 10, line feed: 1,5; references – APA 6

We are looking forward with pleasure your cooperation.

Best regards

Project coordinators

Branislav Antala, Giyasettin Demirhan, Attilio Carraro, Cagla Oktar
and Adriana Kaplánová