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FIEP endorse project “Designed to Move”

FIEP endorse new project “Designed to move” prepared by NIKE, Inc, ACSM and ICSSPE. Project is oriented to support of physical activities of children and youth.

The world has stopped moving. Just a few generations ago, physical activity was an integral part of daily life. In the name of progress, we've now chipped away at it so thoroughly that physical inactivity actually seems normal.

The science is clear. Physical activity does more than create good health. It contributes to leadership, productivity and innovation. It lowers depression and crime, increases education and income levels, and generates return to businesses. It unleashes human potential, and this is what drives economies forward.

It's Time for Action !

No one can fix this alone. We must align strategies & combine resources. The science is clear. The debate is over. Urgent priority must be given to dramatically increase the world's commitment to physical activity.

“Designed to move” offers consensus on the path forward - a single vision: Future generations running, jumping and kicking to reach their greatest potential. A new normal.

1. ask : Create early positive experiences for children

2. ask : Integrate physical activity into everyday life

More info about project: www.designedtomove.org