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FIEP endorsement for international events in 2012

FIEP will endorse many international events during the year 2012. We would like to invite all FIEP members and supporters for participation on these events and ask its promotion in your countries, especially:

7th FIEP European Congress – Together for Physical Education
Barcelona, Spain, 7th – 9th of June 2012, http://www.fiep2012barcelona.com

FIEP official endorsements for international events:

International Conference - Building Liveable Communities through a Collaboration of Recreation, Leisure and Tourism initiatives
Durban, South Africa, 11th – 14th of March 2012, http://www.larasa.org.za/Conference.html

Global Forum of Physical Education Pedagogy
Velen, Germany, 9th – 11th of May 2012, http://www.globalpeforum2012.org

International Conference – Trends and Perspectives in Physical Culture and Sports
Suceava, Romania, 24th – 26th of May 2012

International Congress of Physical Education, Sports and Kinetotherapy
Bucurest, Romania, 14th - 15tth of June 2012, http://www.unefs.ro/congresulinternational.php

9th International Seminar for Physical Education Teachers 2012 - Physical and Health Education – Promoting Wellbeing at Schools
Vierumäki, Finland, 29th of July – 3rd of August 2012

International Conference - Contemporary Kinesiology
Split, Croatia, 24th – 26th of August 2012; http://www.kifst.hr/ocs/index.php/CK/CK2012

International Forum of Physical Education and Sport Science
Chandigar, India, 20th – 22nd of October 2012

2nd World Forum on Physical Education
Havana, Cuba, 6th – 9th of November 2012, http://www.aiefde.inder.cu

Annual International Conference 2012
Bacau, Romania, 9th – 10th of November 2012

Global Conference on Traditional Physical Culture, Sports and Games
Amravati, India, 15th - 17tth of January 2013, http://www.globcontpcsg.in