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FIEP Europe book 2015: „History of Physical Education in Europe“

From 2010 FIEP Europe lunched every year one scientific publication: 2010 - „Integration and Inclusion in Physical Education“; 2011 – „Healthy Active Life Style and Physical Education“; 2012 – „Professionals and Volunteers in Physical Education“; 2013 – „FIEP – 90 Years of Services for Physical Education“; 2014 (in cooperation with EUPEA) – „Physical Education – Quality of Management and Teaching“.

Section for history of PE and Sports of FIEP Europe started the initiative for writing of History of PE and Sports of European countries, members of FIEP, as special edition (book) [History of PE in Europe, History of specific sports: football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, handball, cycling, gymnastics, wrestling, skiing, etc.] At the very beginning, the section would start with “History of Physical Education in Europe” (2015), and for now the attention would be focused on beginning of teaching PE in European countries.

Writing of this history (book) would manage FIEP National Delegates prof. Petar D. Pavlovič, PhD and prof. Nenad Živanovič, PhD; and Assistant of National Delegate ms.sc. Kristina Pantelič Babič, with cooperation of national delegates and assistant national delegates, members of FIEP, or experts – historians from this area and from their countries, and on their suggestion.

The handwritings should be sent in Word format, with range up to 10 pages of plain text in A4 format, spacing 1.5, written in English. The deadline for sending handwritings would be December 2014 (kri.pan@hotmail.com), so the book could be ready and sent for printing in the following 2015.