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14.3. 2011

Graduate Journal of Sport Exercise & Physical Education Research goes live!

University of Worcester in England in cooperation with FIEP and IFAPA prepared new project “Graduate Journal of Sport Exercise & Physical Education Research“

The first issue of the Graduate Journal of Sport, Exercise & Physical Education Research will be published in autumn 2011 as the first online free-access research journal in sport, exercise and PE to solely publish student-led research. The GJSPER is a peer-reviewed journal that celebrates excellence in student-led research and intends to become the journal of choice for student research in sport, exercise and PE. Submissions are welcome under the broadest auspices of sport, exercise and PE and are eligible only if the first named author is (or has recently been) a student.

  1. To globally disseminate, through free online access, outstanding student-led research in sport, exercise & PE;
  2. To enhance the academic standing and status of student-led research in sport, exercise & PE;
  3. To encourage students to engage with, and be inspired by outstanding peer-led research in sport, exercise & PE;
  4. To empower students towards greater confidence and competence when developing, undertaking and ultimately publishing outstanding student-led research in sport, exercise & PE.

The GJSEPER aims to encompass the wide array of research undertaken within sport, exercise and PE. The Editorial Board therefore welcome submissions not only from established areas of research, but also from new and emerging fields and those which are less well represented in existing sport, exercise and PE publications, e.g., socio-cultural studies, physical activity, health studies, biomedical studies, literary studies, etc. As such, all papers addressing some aspect of research, or the research process, in any relation to sport, exercise and PE will be considered.

For more information click here: www.worcester.ac.uk/gjseper