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23. 9. 2014

FIEP participated at HIPE 2014

16-18 September 2014 FIEP participated at the Hungarian International Conference on Physical Education HIPE 2014. This conference was the first conference presenting the evolutionary and innovative findings developed during the last 1.5 years within the framework of the EU priority project called T.E.S.I. (Strategic Actions for Health- Enhancing Physical Education). The conference was organised by the Hungarian School Sport Federation and there were invited the policymakers and stakeholders of the EU and Hungary as well as the representatives of the most prominent national and international organizations as EUPEA, WHO HEPA, ISCA, AIESEP and FIEP. One of the very important guests was Dr Kenneth H. Cooper, the founder and chairman emeritus of the Cooper Institute accompanied by his colleagues and experts from the Institute. FIEP representative Dana Masarykova from Slovakia participated in the panel discussion focused on the quality teacher education in physical education. During the conference there were shared and presented the latest American and European scientific outputs on the quality physical education, physical education and fitness standards as well as international perspectives in physical education. More information available on http://www.diaksport.eu/hipe2014/?lang=en