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Global HOPSports On line Streaming Brain Breaks Content Creation Project finished 1st phase

HOPSports is an educational media network which promotes active, healthy, sustainable lifestyles and behaviours in the home, school and workplace. The goal of Brain Breaks Project is to build model schools world-wide which nurture the development of the whole child, using technology to integrate physical activity, music, culture, art, and career and character development. Since students spend more time in the classroom than anywhere else, the classroom is the perfect place to provide increased physical activity. Brain Breaks are web-based 2-5 minute activities designed for the individual classroom setting. Without any additional planning or preparation time teachers have an instant additional resource tool to revitalize the classroom environment and activate student learning. Actually project offers 68 innovative Brain Breaks from 34 countries, others new videos are in preparation yet. Videos are divided to 5 categories: dance (34), sports (20), fitness (9), cultural (3) and adapted (2). FIEP supports this project, many FIEP members and representatives are involved in. All Brain Breaks can be found on:

http://hopsports.com/videos/international/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/HOPSports/271188899418 https://twitter.com/HOPSports