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FIEP supports development of Igent game.

Igent („Jadžent“) is a motor game. It was created by prof. Janko Pavlis form Temerin in Serbia 10 years ago. This motor game can be very well used on P.E. lessons in schools as well as in recreational P.E. Already some associations are existing in the world that play this game on competitive level. Game can play mixture groups consisted from boys and girls. Igent is financially undemanding and is played on volleyball field with net, two columns and ball. Igent is including three basic principles – think fast, move fast and be gentleman. More details can be found on the following website: www.jadzent-autorjp.com.

The world First Igent Club “JP93-RUBIN” from Temerin is organizing the Summer International Igent Camp in July and August 2009 in Temerin in Serbia (more information look at link Events – Upcoming Events). Contact and information: prof. Janko Pavlis, e-mail: jankotelep@stcable.co.yu