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Communicate on the First Regional Conference of the Experts for the Implementation in Africa of the Action Plan of Kazan

The First African Regional Conference of Experts on the implementation of the Kazan Action Plan took place from June 14th to June 16th 2018 in Antananarivo, Madagascar. This Conference was organized by the Government of Madagascar, in partnership with UNESCO, the African Union, and ICSSPE with the main aim to mobilize African and international experts around the implementation of the Kazan Action Plan and their contribution towards achieving the Sustainable Development (SDGs), adopted by MINEPS VI in July 2017 in Africa.

A number of regional and international experts took part in this first regional Conference, in particular experts of the African Union, CONFEJES, ICSSPE, FIEP and UNESCO. This conference also saw the participation of experts and advisors of other African regional organisations and bilateral and multilateral partners, in particular Secretaries of State, and the Minister of Youth and Sport of Madagascar.
This conference offered opportunities to share experiences and to become acquainted with African realities when implementing the Kazan Action Plan; to consider the modalities when implementing the recommendations for Quality Physical Education; to engage in the process of identifying other regional priorities within the Kazan Action Plan; to plan relevant partnerships in order to ensure follow-up activities; and to develop recommendations which will be subject of the Ministerial Conference which will take place in Antananarivo, Madagascar, in 2019.
The conference was officially opened by Mr. FARATIANA Tsihoara Eugene, minister of Youth and Sport of Madagascar, Mrs. Angela MELO, Director of the Policy and Program Division, Sector of Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO, and Mr. Robert AUGUSTE, Senior Officer of the Council of Sport of the African Union in the presence of representatives of the five under-areas of the African Union. Three topics were approached there namely:
• How to adapt Quality of Physical Education (QPE) (I.3 Policy area of the PAK) on the African Continent;
• The situation of Quality Physical Education;
• The identification of other regional priorities and mobilization of the partnerships.

Each speaker reiterated the importance of international cooperation in order to draw up an Action Plan for the improvement of the quality of Physical Education and Sport in Africa. For this reason, Madagascar confirmed its commitment to hold a Ministerial Conference in 2019 which will make it possible to highlight the results of the board consultations which were started at the conference, and to formulate pragmatic solution for the common problems in the African countries.
The experts made recommendations focussing on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the field of Quality Physical Education, to defend its existence, and for the drafting of an Action Plan for Africa on the role of QPE and Sport in achieving the SDGs. Challenges include the improvement of programs and policies with regard to Quality Physical Education and the reinforcement of institutional capacities.
The experts emphasised the need to make relevant regional actors familiar with the principles of Quality Physical Education and to start the process of identifying other regional priorities in the context of the Kazan Action Plan.
The experts reiterated the importance of the Kazan Action Plan which must be seized as an opportunity for the update of the Political Framework for the Sustainable Development of Sport in Africa (2008 – 2018).
The experts committed themselves to support the implementation of the Ministerial Regional Conference 2019 and encouraged the governments of the African Continent to make all efforts to realize the Conference.
Moreover, the experts thanked the Government of Madagascar for the preparation and the realisation of this First Regional Conference of experts on the implementation of the Kazan Action Plan in Africa and encouraged it to continue its efforts to accommodate the Ministerial Conference in 2019.