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FIEP in Europe

27th FIEP World congress was held in Foz de lguazu in Brazil from14th to l8th of January 2017. More as 2000 participants participated on practical and theoretical program. During congress was held FIEP General Assembly with elections for period 2017 - 2020 in world level and regional levels including Europe also. Short summary of results of elections for FIEP in Europe 2017 - 2020:

FIEP Europe Secretariat:

Comenius University in Bratislava
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
L. Svobodu 9, Bratislava, Slovakia
www.fiepeurope.eu; https://www.facebook.com/fiep.europe/

FIEP Europe President

Branislav ANTALA (Slovakia)

FIEP Europe General Secretary

Dario NOVAK (Croatia)

FIEP Europe Vice-president for North Europe

Airikki POUSI (Finland)

FIEP Europe Vice-president for West Europe

Catherine CARTY (Ireland)

FIEP Europe Vice-president for East Europe

Gheorghe BALINT (Romania)

FIEP Europe Vice-president for South Europe

Enric Sebastiani OBRADOR (Spain)

FIEP Europe International Sections (Presidents):

Physical Education and Sport in Schools Section

Ken HARDMAN (Great Britain)

Sport for All Section

Goran VRBANAC (Croatia)

Olympic Education Section

Sergei IVASHCHENKO (Ukraine)

Adapted Physical Activities Section

Stefania CAZZOLI (Italia)

Physical Education and Sport History Section

Nenad ŽIVANOVIČ (Serbia)

Section of Recreation and Leisure Activities

Jana VAŠÍČKOVÁ (Czech Republic)

New Leaders Section

Gabriela LUPTÁKOVÁ (Slovakia)

Physical Education Pegagogy Section

Ivan PRSKALO (Croatia)

Scientific Section

Awaiting elections

FIEP Europe Special Committee for Interinstitutional Cooperation and Partnership

President: Dario NOVAK (Croatia)
Vice-President: Ľubor TOMÁNEK (Slovakia)
Juel JARANI (Albania)
Cheikh Tidiane WANE (France)
Claude SCHEUER (Luxembourg)
Emannouil ADAMAKIS (Greece)
Marian MALCEV (Macedonia)
Petar PAVLOVIC (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Agustí Castillo CANIZ (Spain – Cataluña)
Martin HOLZWEG (Germany)

FIEP Europe Secretariat Assistents:

Gabriela MLSNOVÁ (Slovakia)
Tibor BALGA (Slovakia)

FIEP Europe Secretariat Consultants:

Robert DECKER (Luxembourg)
Ivan MACÁK (Slovakia)
Jozef HRČKA (Slovakia)

National Delegates and Assistant National Delegates

2016 – 34 countries, aim is in 2020 – 38-40 countries

Prepared by Branislav Antala, FIEP World International Vice-president in cooperation with Almir Gruhn, FIEP President, Rudolfo Buenaventura, FIEP Secretary and Jose Fernandes Filho, FIEP Bulletin Editor,
15th of January 2017, Foz de Iguazzu, Brasil