Fondée en 1923



Prince Faisal Bin Fahad International Prize For Arab
Sport Development Researches

The Statute of the Prize
Seventh Session
(2008 – 2011)


The Board of Trustees of Prince Faisal Bin Fahad International Prize for Arab Sport Development Researches declares with pleasure the time schedule for the Prize in its 7th session which will starts in June 2008 and ends in June 2011.

The Board calls researchers and scientific personaliteies specialized in physical education, sport sciences and international research institutions to participate by researches, studies and execellent, update and outstanding scientific achievements to realize the philosophy and targets of the Prize for the development of sport movement in the Arab world to reach the international level.

The Board declares the allotment of a financial prihe of US$ 300,000 (three hundred thousand US dollars) as the greatest intenational prize in the field of sport to be distributed according to the value decided for the successful researcher in each of the main parts of the current session.

As the Board is willing to offer equal opportunities to the researchers, the scientific sport personalities and research institutions applying to win one of the decided financial prizes, it draws their attention to the necessity for reviewing the articles of the bylaw and to strictly comply with the standards and conditions and with the time Schedule set forth in the bylaw.

We wish all success to the all participants

Chairman of the Prize Board of Trustees,

Nawaf Bin Faisal Bin Fahad Bin Abdulaziz

The Prize includes, in its seventh session 2008 - 2011, the following three main parts:

1- The 1st Part: A scientific research in the role of technology in the development of the Arab sport.

2- The 2nd Part: Scientific issue study on the obstacles that hinder the Arab sport from reaching the international level and the ways of its development.

3- The 3rd Part: The scientific sport personality.

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