FIEP Delegates Meeting

 16th of September 2016


FIEP delegates meeting was held 16th of September 2016 in rector meeting room in University of Banja Luka. In meeting participated Toshiko Sugino (Japan), FIEP World Vice-president for Asia, Gheorghe Balint (Romania), FIEP Europe Vice-president, Dario Novak (Croatia), FIEP Europe General Secretary, Nenad Zivanovic (Serbia), President of FIEP Europe PE and Sport History section, Stefania Cazzoli (Italy), President of FIEP World and Europe APA section, Gabriela Luptáková (Slovakia), President of FIEP Europe New Leaders section and FIEP delegates and assistant national delegates from 24 countries. 



1. New FIEP National Delegates (ND), Assistant National Delegates (AND)

During FIEP delegates meeting were confirmed new FIEP national and assistant national delegates:

·       Norway – Ove ØSTERLIE (ND), Ingrid ØSTGAARD BUAAS (AND)

·       Spain – Oscar MORAN (ND)

·       Spain – Cataluña - Agustí Castillo CANIZ (ND)

·       Finland - Kaspar MAKELA (AND)

·       Islamic Republic of Iran – Seyed Abdolhamid AHMADI (ND), Reza SHAJIE (ND), Seyedeh Mahsa HOSSEINI (AND), Habib HONARI (AND), Gholamreza SHAABANI BAHAR (AND)

·       India – Ahmed DILSAD (ND)

·       Senegal – Sene Astu DIOH (ND), Djibril SECK (ND), Serigne Aly Cissé DIENE (AND), Mountaga DIOP (AND)

·       Madagascar – Patrice RANAIVOSON (ND), Francis Aurélien KARATOVOLOLONA (AND)

·       Mali – Cheikh KONATE (ND), Job THERA (AND)

·       Burkina Faso – Theophile Lincoln TAPSOBA (ND), Ismail SOMBIE (AND)

·       Tunisia – Ali ELLOUMI (ND), Mohamed JARRAYA (ND), Meher MRAYAH (AND)

·       Niger – Ide MOUSSA (ND), Mahamane SADISSOU (AND)

·       Cameroun – Edmond Ebal MINYE (ND), William Richard GUESSOGO (AND)



2. FIEP Europe Action Plan 2013 – 2016 – fulfillment

·     Administration FIEP offices in Bratislava, Slovakia, FIEP offices in University of Bacau, Romania

·     Personal Management     


FIEP Regional Vice-presidents:


FIEP Europe Vice-president for North Europe - Airikki POUSI (Finland)

FIEP Europe Vice-president for West Europe - Vanessa INCLEDON (Great Britain)

FIEP Europe Vice-president for East Europe - Gheorghe BALINT (Romania)

FIEP Europe Vice-president for South Europe - Enric Sebastiani OBRADOR (Spain) 


FIEP Europe International Sections (Presidents):


PE and sport in schools section - Ken HARDMAN (Great Britain)

Scientific section - Pierre PARLEBAS (France)

APA section - Stefania CAZZOLI (Italia)

Sport for all section - Goran VRBANAC (Croatia)

Olympic education section - Carlos GONGALVES (Portugal)

PE history section - Nenad ŽIVANOVIČ (Serbia)

New Leaders section - Gabriela LUPTÁKOVÁ (Slovakia)



·     Websites:,,


·     Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter


·     Database of members

Individual members, collective members


·     Finance:

Membership fees, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport CU, Ministry of Education, Research, Science and Sport of Slovak Republic


·     Network Partnerships



·     Congresses

2013 – 8th FIEP European Congress - Bratislava, Slovakia

2014 – 24th FIEP World Congress – Vierumaki, Finland

2014 – 9th FIEP European congress – Sofia, Bulgaria 

2015 – 10th FIEP European congress – Rabat, Morocco

2016 – 11th FIEP European congress – Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina


·     Publications

2013 - FIEP – 90 Years of Services for Physical Education

2014 - Physical Education – Quality in Management and Teaching

2015 - History of Physical Education in Europe I. and II.

2016 - Physical Education and New Technologies

Journals - FIEP Bulletin, Physical Education and Sport through the Centuries, Graduate Journal of Sport, Exercise & Physical Education Research,


·     FIEP Awards 


FIEP International Cross of Honour on Physical Education

Gold Cross –  Margaret Talbot (2014), Silver Cross – Janko Strel (2014)


FIEP Europe Thulin Award

Ivan Prskalo (2013), Jela Labudová (2013), Emmanouil Adamakis (2013), Arunas Emeljanovas (2013), Enric Sebastiani Obrador (2014), Igor Nikolayevich Nikulin (2014), Poklad Natalia Ivanovna (2014), Ivana Milanovic (2014), Karel Fromel (2015), Vilko Petrič (2015), Kasper Makela (2015), Bogacheva Elizabeta Aleksejevna (2016), Vladislav Mužík (2016), Dagmar Sigmundová (2016)


FIEP Croatia Award

Luka Šimič (2013),  Dario Bašič (2014), Ivan Radman (2015)


Medalha Manoel Tubino

Ken Hardman (2013), Herbert Haag (2013), Ludmila Zapletalová (2013), Daniela Dasheva (2014), Miroslav Holienka (2014), Airikki Pousi (2014), Lasse Kannas (2014), Simo Vukovic (2016)


FIEP Commemorative Medail

Dragan Milanovič (2015), Krešimir Krištič (2015), Albin Redžič (2015), Slobodan Simovic (2016), Goran Bosnjak (2016)


·     Patronage

Global events - World Forum of PE and School Sport (Havana, Cuba, 2014), Global Forum on PE Pedagogy (South Africa, 2012, Turkey, 2016), International Conference of PE and Sport Science (Jakarta, Indonesia, 2015)


Local events - Annual International Scientific Conference (Bacau, Romania, 2013 - 2016)


FIEP Europe Action Plan 2013 – 2016 was completed approx. on 76 %.



3.FIEP New Leaders Project

 Gabriela Luptáková, President of FIEP Europe New Leader international section, presented FIEP project “FIEP New Leaders – FNL”. 2nd launch of FNL program for graduate or doctoral students or young teachers with an intention to enable young people to interact with broader scientific community was realised during congress. 9 young from 8 European were included in this project, hosted for free (free congress fee, accommodation and meals) and actively participated on preparation and realisation of event with presentations.


·     FIEP Europe International section: 


Name of Section: FIEP Europe New Leaders International Section

President: Gabriela Luptáková (Slovakia)

Vice-presidents: Gunay Yidzer (Turkey), Hrvoje Podnar (Croatia)

Seat: FIEP Europe offices in Bratislava, Slovakia


·     Section program for the near future: European Diversity, Gender Equality

Selection of additional FNL

(Multidisciplinary areas, universities / sport organizations)

Creating a network, continuous online communication 

(E-mails, social media)

Develop a vision / mission and rules of FNL section

Discussion with / among FIEP national delegates about possibilities of engagement FNL into FIEP (inter)national activities 


·     FNL in position of FIEP national delegates, assistant national delegates:

    Cataluña: Agustí Castillo Cañiz

    Finland: Kasper Jari Johannes Mäkelä

    Greece: Emmanouil Adamakis

    Slovakia: Gabriela Luptáková


·     FNL program for 12th FIEP European congress in Luxembourg 13th – 16th of September 2017 

31st of November 2016 – call for proposals

30th of March 2017 – deadline for sending proposals to and

April 2017 – announcement of successful nominees

September 2017 - 12th FIEP European congress 



4. Journal “Physical Education and Sport through the Centuries"

Nenad Živanovic (Serbia) presented last issue of international journal “Physical Education and Sport through the Centuries" published in cooperation with University of Nis in Serbia. He presented call for FIEP national delegates and FIEP members to send articles for next issues. On-line version and more info about journal can be found in: 

He informed about activities of FIEP International Section of history of Physical Education and Sport: publications “Football in Europe” (2016), Šiljak V.: “Research in History of Sport” (2016) 



5. FIEP publication 2017 “Physical Education and Best Practices in Primary Schools ”

In 2016 FIEP Europe in cooperation with University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology and Croatian Kinesiology Association published book “Physical Education and New Technologies”. Editors were Dario Novak, Branislav Antala and Damir Knjaz. 


In 2017 FIEP is planning publish publication „Physical Education and Best Practices in Primary Schools” with subtopics:

·       Study /Review on the effects (benefits) of physical education in primary school (for motor learning, motor development; academic achievement; physical education and prevention of overweight and obesity; PE and play-sports; PE and Life skills, etc.). 

·       Presentation of the main projects and best practices

·       Review: physical education in the primary school curriculum in different countries (number of hours of P.E. at school, organizing the curriculum, etc.) and Teacher Education.


We are offering the opportunity to contribute a “chapter” article for publication to FIEP delegates and members.


·       Project coordinators: Dario Colella – University of Foggia, Italy, Branislav Antala - Comenius University, Slovakia, Simona Epifani – University of Foggia, Italy 

·       Sending articles in electronic version to e-mail: with c/c to  

·       Language: English

·       Deadline for sending articles: 28th of February, 2017

·       Planning edition – July 2017

·       Article requirements: range - max.10 pages; structure of the article – title, author/authors (first name and surname), workplace, country, state; text; photos; font: Times New Roman, fond size: 10, line feed: 1,5; references – APA 6 



6. FIEP Europe Thulin Award 2017 – 2018

3rd edition of „FIEP Europe Thulin Award“ was successfully realized during the years 2015 – 2016. This award was created for awarding the most important European personalities and young researchers with high national and international acceptation in the field of PE. FIEP Europe General Secretary Dario Novak presented proposition of 4th edition 2017 – 2018. He presented time schedule of realization: 


·       1st of November 2016 – call for proposals

·       28th of February 2017 – deadline for sending proposals to with c/c 

·       1st of March 2017 - 31st of March 2017 – selection of winners by FIEP International Jury

·       April 2017 – announcement of nominees 

·       Awarding during 12st FIEP European congress (2017) and 13th FIEP European congress (2018)



7. FIEP Integration in International Projects and Networks

·       IOC - FIEP is on the list of Recognised organisations by IOC

·       ICSSPE International Committee of Sport Pedagogy

o   2013 – 2016: FIEP chair

o   Meetings: China 2013, Slovakia 2013, Finland 2014, Cuba 2014, Brazil 2015,

o   Iran 2015, Macau 2016, Brazil 2016

·       PE Alliance (FIEP – EUPEA)

·       HOPSports Brain-Breaks  

·       Global Forums on Physical Education Pedagogy (GoFPEP)

·       USA 2010, Germany 2012, South Africa 2014, Turkey 2016  

·       International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS)

·       China 2008, Scotland 2012, Brazil 2016

·       Designed to Move (ICSSPE, AIMS, Nike)



8. 12th FIEP European Congress in 2017

Claude Scheuer from University of Luxembourg, had presentation about next FIEP European Congress. The 12th FIEP European Congress will be held in Luxembourg from the 13th to 16th of September 2017. Topic will be “Changes of Childhood and Adolescence: Current Challenges for Physical Education”  

·       Congress website will be open until end of September 2016:


Next FIEP delegates meeting will be held in Luxembourg on 14th of September 2017. We would like to invite all FIEP national delegates to participate on 12th FIEP European Congress in Banja Luka and ask them to promote congress in their countries.



9. FIEP Activities in 2017 - 2019

In 2017, 2018 and 2019 FIEP is planning these important events:   


·       27th FIEP World Congress and 32th FIEP International Congress; Foz de Iguazzu, Brazil; FIEP elections, January; web:

·       12th FIEP European Congress; Luxembourg; 13th – 16th of September 2017

·       28th FIEP World Congress; Mexico City, Mexico, 20th – 22th of October 2017

·       + all annual congresses in Latin America: Cordoba (Argentina), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), San Louis Potosi (Mexico), Merida (Venezuela), Puerto Montt (Chile) etc. 



·       33th FIEP International Congress; Foz de Iguazzu, Brazil; January; web:

·       3rd FIEP Asia Conference on Physical Education and Sports; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 1st – 3rd of June 2018 

·       29th FIEP World Congress and 13th FIEP European Congress; Istanbul/Antalya, Turkey, October/November 2018

·       + all annual congresses in Latin America: Cordoba (Argentina), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), San Louis Potosi (Mexico), Merida (Venezuela), Puerto Montt (Chile) etc. 



·       34th FIEP International Congress; Foz de Iguazzu, Brazil; January; web:

·       30th FIEP World Congress, 14th FIEP European Congress and 2nd Cataluña Congress; Barcelona, Spain, 27th – 29th of June 2019


FIEP Activities 2017 - 2019


·       FIEP Bulletin and FIEP Bulletin on-line

·       FIEP Awards (International Cross of Honour, FIEP Top Brazil, FIEP Europe Thulin Award, Aguila de Oro, FIEP Croatia Award etc.)

·       FIEP Virtual Television 

·       FIEP Publication    

·       FIEP Houses of Physical Education (Brazil, Mexico)

·       FIEP Felicitated Card  

·       FIEP Physical Education Teachers without Borders (Latin America)

·       1st of September – Day of Physical Education Professionals (Brazil)

·       FIEP Websites and Social Networks (FB, TW)



10. Varia

Branislav Antala (Slovakia), FIEP Europe President

·       FIEP elections 2017 – 2020: Send proposals of members of FIEP Executive Board to until 26th  of September 2016; Proposals will be send to until 30th  of September 2016; elections will be held during 27th FIEP World Congress, Foz de Iguazzu, Brazil, 14th  to 18th of January 2017


·       FIEP prepares conventions of cooperation with different educational, PE and sport bodies (Universities, Faculties, Teacher organisations etc.) from around the world. Info about all signed conventions will be published in FIEP Bulletin.  


Agustí Castillo Cañiz (Cataluña) – FIEP national delegate

·       30th FIEP World Congress, 14th FIEP European Congress and 2nd Cataluña Congress; Barcelona, Spain, 27th – 29th of June 2019


Ming-kai Chin (USA), guest and invited speaker

·       Cooperation BRICSCESS and FIEP, participation FIEP on HOPSport BB project, GoFPEP


Stefania Cazzoli (Italy), President of FIEP World and Europe International APA section

·       Implementation FIEP section ADAPTED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND INCLUSION, in according with European Union Lisbon Objectives 2020 and he UNESCO guideline;

·       Open Office of Secretariat APAI in Italy;

·       Implementation of the participation at UNESCO Project for Inclusive Physical   Education and at HOP SPORT/Brian Break for Inclusion and Adapted Physical Activity;

·       Participation at the FIEP Activity for Adapted Physical Activity and Inclusion argumentation at scientific and governance development.


Fedor Sobyanin (Russia): FIEP national delegate

·       Presented proposals of the Russian delegation to FIEP:

1. To promote the main ideas and activities of FIEP Europe, dissemination of FIEP experiences among Russian experts - proposed to translate books "History of Physical Education in Europe" in the Russian language and to publish it in Russian.

2. Systematically translate the summary in the journal «Physical education and sport through the centuries» in Russian. For this offer to include a representative of the Russian delegation in the FIEP Europe section "History of Physical Education and Sport";

3. Offer for all national delegates FIEP Europe: in the planning of new research projects, grants that require international involvement, it is proposed to include national delegates from other countries or their counterparts in working groups for the joint execution of the work as a co-executor of the project on the basis of the contract and the relevant funding.



Dario Novak (Croatia), FIEP Europe General Secretary

·       FIEP symposium „Physical Education and New Technologies“ will be held during  VIII. Conference on Kinesiology organise by Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, 17th – 20th of May 2017 in Opatija, Croatia.     

Nenad Živanovič (Serbia), President of FIEP Europe Section for History of PE and Sport

·       4th international Conference “Anthropological and Teo-anthropological Views on Physical Activity from Time of Constantine the Great to Modern Times” will be held in Kopaonik, Serbia, 22th–25th of March 2017. E-mail contact: 

·       FIEP Europe Section for History of PE and Sport is planned to publish in 2017 book “History of Basketball in Europe”. 


Branislav Antala (Slovakia), FIEP Europe President

·       FIEP membership fee:

Individual and collective members are asked to pay their membership fee. Membership fee is one of sources for covert different FIEP activities – books, awards, materials, etc. FIEP Executive Board thanks in advance for payment of membership fee. Here is bank contact and details:


Bank account 

for FIEP European individual and collective members

Name of account: Dary a granty Fakulta telesnej výchovy a športu UK, BA

Name of bank: Statna pokladnica

Address of bank: Radlinskeho 32, 810 05 Bratislava, Slovakia 


IBAN: SK 0281 8000 0000 7000 1502 54


Reason of payment: FIEP + year


Collective members

Eastern, Middle and South Europe: 70, - Euro /year

Western and Nord Europe: 130, - Euro/ year


Individual members:

Eastern, Middle and South Europe: 10, - Euro/year

Western and Nord Europe: 20, - Euro/year         


Branislav Antala

FIEP World International Vice-president

                                                                                     FIEP Europe President

Banja Luka, 16th of September 2016