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Report from 7th FIEP European Congress and FIEP Delegates Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, 7. 6 – 9. 6. 2012

7th FIEP European Congress was held from 7th to 9th of June 2012 in Barcelona in Catalunya, Spain. Topic of congress was “Together for Physical Education“. Congress was organized by FIEP Catalunya, Faculty of Psychology, Sport Science and Physical Education University Ramon Lull and its partners. Special thanks belongs to the FIEP Catalunya delegate prof. Dr. Enric Sebastiani Obrador and to all others, who participated on preparation of this important event.

In congress participated 244 participants from 39 countries and 4 continents. During congress was presented 150 papers and posters. Maria Rosa Rosato (Italy) was awarded by “FIEP International Cross of Honour on Physical Education” and Rose – Marie Repond (Switzerland) and Vida Volbekiene (Lithuania) by “FIEP Europe Thulin Award”.

FIEP Delegates Meeting

(8th of June 2012)

FIEP delegates’ meeting was held 8th of June in University of Ramon Lull. In meeting participated also prof. Dr. Jorge Otanes (Argentina), FIEP Vice-president for South America and colleagues from Latin-American countries.

1. New FIEP National Delegates (ND), Assistant National Delegates (AND)

During FIEP delegates meeting were confirmed new FIEP national and assistant national delegates:

  1. Greece – Dimitri Hatzharistos (ND), Katarina Zounhia (AND)
  2. Russia – Fedor Sobyanin (ND), Ludmila Buraya (AND)
  3. Belarus – Sviatlava Vlasava (ND), Natalia Petrukovich (AND)
  4. Serbia – Veroljub Stankovic, Ivana Milanovič, Nenad Stojiljkovič (AND)
  5. Algeria – Kazdali Hadj Mohamed (ND), Mohamed Sebbane (AND)

2. Fulfilment of FIEP Europe Action Plan 2008 - 2012

FIEP Europe Action Plan 2008 – 2012 was completed cca on 80 %.

A. Fulfiled areas during the period 2008 - 2012
  1. Management : FIEP Europe Secretariat, Bratislava, Faculty of PE and Sports, Comenius University
  2. FIEP Europe Structure 2008 - 2012
  3. Regional Vice-presidents :
       FIEP Europe Vice-president for North Europe - Airikki POUSI (Finland)
       FIEP Europe Vice-president for West Europe - Vanessa INCLEDON (Great Britain)
       FIEP Europe Vice-president for East Europe - Toivo JURIMAE (Estonia)
       FIEP Europe Vice-president for South Europe - Dario COLLELA (Italia)
    FIEP Europe International Sections – presidents:
       PE and sport in schools section - Ken HARDMAN (Great Britain)
       Scientific section - Pierre PARLEBAS (France)
       APA section - Sttefania CAZZOLI (Italia)
       Sport for all section - Goran VRBANAC (Croatia)
       Olympic education section - Carlos GONGALVES (Portugal)
       PE history section - Nenad ŽIVANOVIČ (Serbia)

  4. Website - www.fiepeurope.eu
  5. Database of members – individual, collective members
  6. Finance – support of Faculty of Physical Education and Sport CU, Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of Slovak republic, Membership fee
  7. Membership fee – partly completed, individual members –20,-Eur,collective members – 50,-Eur or 200,-Eur
          FIEP Europe account:
          Name of account : Dary a granty Fakulta telesnej výchovy a športu UK BA
          Name of bank : Statna pokladnica
          Adress of bank : Radlinskeho 32, 810 05 Bratislava, Slovakia
          IBAN : SK 0281 8000 0000 7000 1502 54
          BIC : SUBASKBX
          Reason of payement : FIEP + year
  8. Network Partnerships
  9. School PE and Sport Monitoring Clearing House -UNESCO PE Survey 2011 - 12
  10. Publications
           FIEP Bulletin (edited in Brasil)
           Graduate Journal of Sport, Exercise & Physical Education Research (GB)
           Integration and Inclusion in PE (2010)
           Healthy Active Life Style and PE (2011)
           Professionals and Volunteers in PE (2012)
           Congress proceedings (2009, 2011)
  11. Conferences, Seminars, Meetings
    FIEP European congresses, National delegates meetings : 2009 – Niš, 2011 – Poreč, 2012 – Barcelona
  12. FIEP Awards
          FIEP International Cross of Honour on PE :
          Gold Cross - Ken Hardman (2008), Nenad Živanovič (2009)
          Silver Cross - Airikki Pousi (2010), Vladimír Findak (2011), Maria Rosa Rosato (2012)
          FIEP Europe Thulin Award :
          Gheorghe Balint (2011), Domingo Blazquez Sanchez (2011), Dario Novak
          (2011), Rose – Marie Repond (2012), Vida Volbekiene (2012)
  13. Patronage, endorsments
          Global events ( World Forum of PE, Havana, Cuba, 2010; International
          Forum of PE and Sport Science, Chandigar, India, 2012 etc.)
          Local events (Annual International Scientific Conference, Bacau, Romania,
          2009 - 2012; 4th International Scientific Conference, Split, Croatia, 2012;
          6ieme Conference Scientifique, Mostaganem, Algeria, 2011 etc.)

B. Nonfullfilled areas during the period 2008 – 2012

  1. Finance – we didn´t find regular partner from private sector
  2. European-wide institutions, sport compagnies, grants – we didn´t realised succesfully contacts with these institutions with opportunities used the grants
  3. ENSSEE, ENGSO – we didn´t realise contact with these institutions
  4. Projects – didn´t start
    PETE European Accreditation and PE Teacher Education Standards
    Continuing Professional Development: a European PE Master’s

3. UNESCO PE Survey Project

Prof. Emeritus Ken Hardman in cooperation with UNESCO prepared UNESCO Collaborative PE Survey Project. The Questionnaire in English and French language was distributed and completed in cooperation with FIEP national delegates. We would like to thank to all delegates and colleagues from FIEP who participated on collection of dates. First results were presented during Congress in excellent keynote presentation of Ken Hardman.

4. Code of Ethics of PE Teachers

Prof.Emeritus Vladimír Findak from Faculty of Kinesiology of University of Zagreb, Croatia prepared 1st proposition of Code of Ethics of PE Teachers. FIEP would like thanks Vladimir Findak for this excellent work. This 1st proposition will be send for review to selected national delegates and in cooperation with EUPEA will be prepared final edition of this important material.

5. FIEP Europe Thulin Award 2013 - 2014

1st edition of „FIEP Europe Thulin Award“ was suuccesfully realised during the years 2011 – 2012. This award was created for awarding the most important european personnalities and young reaserchers with high national and international acceptation in the field of PE. FIEP Europe General Secretary Jaromír Sedláček presented proposition of 2nd edition 2013 – 2014. He presented new criteria for selection the laureats and timeshedule of realisation. Complet propositions will be send for reviews to all national delegates no later as 15th of July 2012.

6. FIEP Europe Publication 2013 “FIEP – 90 Years of Service for Physical Education"

In 2013 FIEP will celebrate 90 anniversary. FIEP Europe is planning to publish publication „FIEP – 90 Years of Service for Physical Education“. We are offering the opportunity to contribute a “chapter” article for publication to FIEP delegates and members.

  1. Project coordinator: Branislav Antala, FIEP Europe President, Slovakia
  2. Sending article + fotos in electronic version on e-mail address: branislav.antala@fsport.uniba.sk
  3. Language: English
  4. Deadline for sending articles: 30th of October, 2012
  5. Planning edition – April 2013
  6. Article requirements: range - max.10 pages; structure of the article – title, author/authors (first name and surname), workplace, country, state; text; fotos; font: Times New Roman, fond size: 10, line feed: 1,5

7. 8th FIEP European Congress

Representatives of Organising committee (Olga Kyselovicova and Ludmila Zapletalova) had presentation about next FIEP European Congress. The 8th FIEP European congress will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia from the 29th of August to 1th of September 2013. Topic will be “Physical Education and Sports Perspective of Children and Youth in Europe”, Congress will be organised by Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia and PE Teacher Association.

  1. Contact person – congress General Secretary Ludmila Zapletalova
  2. More information : www.fiep2013bratislava.com

8. FIEP World Activities 2013 -2014

World Congresses
  1. 2013, FIEP World Congress and 28th International Congress, Foz de Iguazzu, Brazil, 12.1.-16.1.2013, FIEP General Assembly, Elections for Period 2013 – 2016, 90 Years of FIEP (www.congressofiep.com)
  2. 2013, 2nd FIEP Oceania Conference, Apia, Samoa, 25.6. – 27.6.2013, National University of Samoa,
  3. 2014, FIEP International Congress, Vierumaki, Finland, 6.8. – 9.8. 2014

Latin America Congresses
  1. 2013, 2014 - all regularly congresses and events in Latin America (Foz de Iguazzu, Brazil, January; Assuncion, Paraguay, July; Cordoba, Argentina, September; Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, October; San Louis Potosi, Mexico, November; Merida, Venezuela, November etc.)

European Congresses
  1. 2013, 8th FIEP European Congress, Bratislava, Slovakia, Comenius University 29.8.-1.9.2013; www.fiep2013bratislava.com
  2. 2014, 9th FIEP European Congress, Sofia, Bulgary, National Sport Academy,

FIEP Bulletin and FIEP Bulletin on-line
FIEP Awards (FIEP International Cross of Honor, FIEP Top Brazil, FIEP Europe Thulin Award, Aguila de Oro, Prince Faisal Price etc.)
FIEP Television (Latin America)
FIEP Publications (FIEP - 90 Years of Service for PE, FIEP Oceania Newsletters etc.)
FIEP Houses of Physical Education (Foz de Iguazzu, Brasil; San Louis Potosi, Mexico)
FIEP Felicitated Card (Brasil)
PE Teachers without Borders
Villa Olympica of Manuel Tubino (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
FIEP will be present on:
  1. ICSEMIS, 19.7. – 24.7. 2012, Glasgow, Scotland
  2. ICSSPE Statutory Meetings
            2012 – Glasgow, Scotland, 19.7.-21.7.2012
            2013 – Ninjin, China, November 2013
  3. International Committtee of Sport Pedagogy, from 2013 – FIEP leadership
  4. Different websites
    FIEP World ( www.fiep.net )
    FIEP Europe (www.fiepeurope.eu )
    FIEP Brazil (www.fiepbrasil.org)
    FIEP Argentina (www.fiep.com.ar )
    FIEP Mexico (www.fiepmexico.org )
    FIEP Romania (www.fiepromania.ro )
  5. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

9. Varia

Branislav Antala (Slovakia), FIEP Europe President
  1. FIEP Europe Action Plan 2013 – 2016
    30th of January 2013
    – deadline for sending propositions, ideas on antala@fsport.uniba.sk
    February– June 2013 – discusions, final preparation
    Final acceptation - August 2013, 8th FIEP European Congress in Bratislava
  2. 10th and 11th FIEP European Congresses 2015 an 2016 – call for candidates of organisators - Institutions, organisations or FIEP delegates who are interested organise FIEP European congresses in 2015 or 2016 - please send writed propositions on antala@fsport.uniba.sk no later as 30th of June 2013
    Final decision - August 2013 during 8th FIEP European Congress in Bratislava
  3. FIEP elections - positions 2013 – 2016
    30th of November 2012 – dealine for sending propositions for positions for periode 2013 – 2016 (FIEP Vice-president for Europe, FIEP Europe Regional Vice-presidents, Presidents of FIEP Europe International Sections, Presidents of FIEP World International Sections, Members of FIEP World Executive Board) on antala@fsport.uniba.sk

Gheorghe Balint (Romania), FIEP National Delegate of Romania

  1. Creating a total FIEP membership fee according to the social and economical conditions of each country - the Eastern European countries, to be more precise: € 15 /year; Creating a way for the members to be able to pay directly in the FIEP Europe bank account, using their bank cards; Creating an option to pay the membership fee for multiple years at once, giving them a discount for being a member and paying their fee more years in advance; Creating a way to shorten the time between the payment of the fee for a new member and getting the FIEP Europe membership card.
  2. Creating a new marketing strategy for promoting our organization in each of the FIEP Europe member countries (presentation flyers; brochures that would present our organization, on a global, European, and national level; invitations to various events organized under the FIEP patronage, etc.)
  3. For a better scientific visibility of the FIEP Europe scientific journal creation of a team that would get this journal into international databases - Index Copernicus; EBSCO; SCOPUS; DOAJ; J-Gate; etc.
  4. Creation of an official suit for the FIEP representatives with logo of organization in different colors.

Jorge Otanes (Argentina), FIEP Vice-president for South Amerika

  1. Presented FIEP Latino-americano project „PE teachers without borders

Airikki Pousi (Finland), FIEP Europe Vice-president of Nord Europe

  1. 9th International Seminar for PE Teachers 2012 – Physical and Health Education – Promoting Wellbeing at School, July 29 – August 3, 2012, www.peseminar.org
  2. FIEP International Congress in Vierumaki, Finland, Promoting Wellbeing School Enviroment, August, 6th - 9th 2014

Martin Holzweg (Germany), FIEP National Delagate of Germany

  1. “FIEP News” started from issue 1/2012 in International Journal of Physical Education published in Berlin, Germany. IJPE is published as print and online version.

Stefania Cazzoli (Italy), President of FIEP Europe APA Section

  1. proposed integration of FIEP into HEPA Europe projects

Janko Pavlis (Serbia), congress participant

  1. presented his publication about sport game “Igent”. He informed about Igent tournament for University students in Novi Sad in Serbia, 27th of October 2012. During tournament will be presented new collective sport “Bumdže” also. Contact: jankotelep@neobee.net ; janotelep@gmail.com

Branislav Antala
FIEP Europe President