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Report from 6th FIEP European Congress and FIEP Delegates Meeting, Poreč, Croatia, 18th – 21st of June 2011

6th FIEP European Congress was held from 18th to 21th of June 2011 in Poreč in Croatia. Topic of congress was “Physical Education in the 21st Century – Pupils´ Competencies”. Congress was organized by Croatian Kinesiology Association, Faculty of Kineziology University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kineziology University of Split under patronage of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of Croatia and Croatian Olympic Committee. Congress was followed by 20th Summer School of PE teachers of Croatia from 22nd to 25th of June. Special thanks belongs to the Crotatian FIEP national delegates prof.Dr.Vladimír Findak and prof. Vlatko Matjevic and to all others, who participated on preparation of this important event.

During congress was presented 130 papers and posters and in the Summer school participated 450 PE teachers. Congress participants were from 31 countries and 4 continents. During congress prof. Dr. Vladimír Findak (Croatia) and Prof. Airikki Pousi (Finland) were awarded by “FIEP International Cross of Honour on Physical Education” and prof. Dr. Gheoghe Balint (Romania), prof. Dr. Domingo Blazquez Sanchez (Spain) and Dr. Dario Novak (Croatia) by “FIEP Europe Thulin Award”.

FIEP Delegates Meeting

(19th of June 2011)

FIEP delegates’ meeting was held 19th of June in hotel Molindrio.

1. New FIEP National Delegates (ND), Assistant National Delegates (AND)

During FIEP delegates meeting were confirmed new FIEP national and assistant national delegates:

  1. Poland -
Leszek Korzeniowski (AND)
  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina –
Petar Pavlovic (ND), Gorica Bilak (ND), Kristina Pantelic (AND), Adem Ferhatbegovic (AND)
  1. Germany -
Martin Holzweg (ND), Arnd Kruger (AND)
  1. Macedonia -
Ilja Klinčarov (AND)
  1. Lithuania -
Arunas Emeljanovas (ND)
  1. Malta -
Andre Decelis (ND)
  1. Slovakia -
Ludmila Zapletalova (ND)
  1. Latvia -
Andra Fernate (ND), Inta Bula-Biteniece (AND)

2. UNESCO collaborative PE survey project

Prof. Ken Hardman in cooperation with UNESCO prepares UNESCO Collaborative PE survey project. The UNESCO Survey is now ready for distribution. The Questionnaire is in English but soon there will be in French version available on the UNESCO and the North Western Counties PE Association web-sites. The time scale is as follows:

July, 2011:
        - Distribution of Survey Questionnaire
September-December, 2011:
        - Analysis of Survey data
End of January, 2012:
         - Dissemination of (preliminary findings) to CIGEPS Member States
         - Formulation of Quality Physical Education Indicators (Core Principles)
        - Dissemination of QPEI Indicators to CIGEPS Member States
January-April, 2012:
        - Develop Basic Needs Model
May, 2012
        - Disseminate Basic Needs Model details to CIGEPS Member States

We would like to ask all FIEP national delegates to help Prof. Ken Hardman to complete this important project with success.

3. Graduate Journal of Sport, Exercice & Physical Sducation Research

University of Worcester in England in cooperation with FIEP prepared new project “Graduate Journal of Sport Exercise & Physical Education Research“

The first issue of the Graduate Journal of Sport, Exercise & Physical Education Research will be published in autumn 2011 as the first online free-access research journal in sport, exercise and PE to solely publish student-led research. Submissions are welcome under the broadest auspices of sport, exercise and PE and are eligible only if the first named author is (or has recently been) a student.


  1. To globally disseminate, through free online access, outstanding student-led research in sport, exercise & PE;
  2. To enhance the academic standing and status of student-led research in sport, exercise & PE;
  3. To encourage students to engage with, and be inspired by outstanding peer-led research in sport, exercise & PE;
  4. To empower students towards greater confidence and competence when developing, undertaking and ultimately publishing outstanding student-led research in sport, exercise & PE.

For more information: www.worcester.ac.uk/gjseper

4. PE Alliance

During Congress started first negotiations about “PE Alliance” between FIEP Europe and EUPEA. This Alliance would like to be a platform for common steps and support for development of PE in European region and for influencing politicians and policy in national and European level. FIEP Europe and EUPEA confirmed interest for close cooperation. This cooperation will be confirmed in a few days by signature of common declaration.

5. Scientific Publication "Professionals and Volunteers in Physical Education"

In 2012 FIEP Europe is planning to publish scientific monograph „Professionals and Volunteers in Physical Education“. We are offering the opportunity to contribute a “chapter” article for publication in the Monograph to associated FIEP members. Appropriate contributions from non-affiliated individuals may also consider.

Articles should focus on the following topics/themes:

  1. Preparation and training of professionals (PE teachers, managers, coaches, animators etc.) in Physical Education – problems and perspectives in different countries;
  2. Professionals and their activities in the field of Physical Education;
  3. Volunteers and its impact to the development of Physical Education.

Project coordinators:
Jana Vašíčková, FIEP delegate of Czech Republik
Branislav Antala, FIEP Europe President, Slovakia

  1. Sending articles in electronic version to e-mail addresses: jana.vasickova@upol.cz or antala@fsport.uniba.sk
  2. Language: English
  3. Deadline for sending articles: 30th of October, 2011
  4. Planned date of edition: April 2012
  5. Article requirements: range - max. 7 pages including tables, annexes and references; structure of the article – title, author/authors (first name and surname), workplace, country, state; abstract, key words; text in recommended structure – introduction, aims and tasks, methods, results and discussion, conclusion, references; font: Times New Roman, fond size: 10, line feed: 1,5

6. 7th FIEP European Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 7th -9th of June 2012

Representatives of Organising committee (prof. Dr.Obrador, prof.Dr. Blazquez Sanchez) presented excelent presentation about next FIEP European Congress. The 7th FIEP European congress will be held in Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain from the 7th to 9th of June 2012. Topic idea will be “Together for Physical Education”, subtopics: Education and Teaching, Health and Wellness, Training, Management, Recreation. Congress will be organised by FIEP Cataluña and University of Ramon Llull.

  1. Contact person - Enric Sebastiani Obrador, EnriqueMariaSO@blanquerna.url.edu or fiep2012@viajesiberia.com
  2. More information : www.fiep2012barcelona.com

7. FIEP Activities 2011 – 2013 in Europe and in the world

     FIEP congresses in Europe

  1. 2012 – 7th FIEP European Congress, Barcelona, Spain (www.fiep2012barcelona.com)
  2. 2013 – 8th FIEP European Congress, Bratislava, Slovakia
  3. 2014 – 9th FIEP European Congress, Sofia, Bulgaria

     FIEP congresses in the World

     2011 -12

  1. 26th FIEP International Congress, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, january 2012 (www.congressofiep.com)
  2. 2nd FIEP Oceania International Conference, June 2012, Samoa
  3. FIEP South American Congress and Days of Physical Education of MERCOSUL, September 2011, 2012 Cordoba, Argentina (www.fiep.com.ar)
  4. Congreso International FIEP, November 2011, 2012 San Luis Potosí, Mexico (www.fiepmexico.org)
  5. International Congress of Sport Sciences and Physical Education, Merida, Venezuela, december 2011, 2012 (www.coincidef.bligoo.com)
  6. Etc.


  1. FIEP World International Congress, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, january 2013 (www.congressofiep.com)
    FIEP General Assembly
    90 anniversary of FIEP
    FIEP elections for 2013 – 2016

8. Differencies

  1. Prof . Airikki Pousi presented information about preparation of FIEP World Congress in Finland in 2013

Branislav Antala
FIEP Europe President