27.11. 2015

Report from 1th Afro-European Conference on Physical Education and Sports, 10th FIEP European Congress, 25th FIEP World Congress, Rabat, Morocco, 12th – 15th of November 2015


1th Afro-European Conference on Physical Education and Sports together with 10th FIEP European Congress and 25th FIEP World Congress was held from 12th – 15th of November in Rabat, Morocco. Topic of the congress was “Physical Education and Sport for Peace, Development and Multicultural Understanding“. Congress was organized by Institut Royal de Formation des Cadres, Centre National des Sports Moullay Rachid in Rabat and its partners. Special thank belongs to the FIEP national delegates of Morocco Abdellatif Naja and Brahin Alaoui, chairs of Organising Committee and to all others, who participated on preparation of this important event.

In congress were registered 300 participants from 48 countries. During congress were presented more than 120 selected papers and posters. Abdellatif Naja (Morocco), Brahim Allaoui (Morocco) and Eng Hoo Wee (Malaysia) were awarded by “Medalha FIEP” and Karel Fromel (Czech Republic), Kasper Makela (Finland) and Vilko Petrič (Croatia) were awarded by “FIEP Europe Thulin Award 2015”. 1st launch of FIEP Future Leaders program for graduate or doctoral students or young teachers was a part of the congress. 12 young’s from 10 European and 1 African country were included in this project.

FIEP Delegates Meeting

(13th of November 2015)

FIEP delegates meeting was held 13th of November 2015 in director meeting room in Institut Royal de Formation des Cadres in Rabat. In meeting participated Almir Gruhn (Brasil), FIEP World President, Rodolfo Buenoventura (Argentina), FIEP World General Secretary, Jorge Otanes (Argentina), FIEP World Vice-president for South Amerika, José Fernades Filho (Brasil), editor of FIEP Bulletin and FIEP delegates and assistant national delegates from 40 countries.


1. New FIEP National Delegates (ND), Assistant National Delegates (AND)


During FIEP delegates meeting were confirmed new FIEP national and assistant national delegates:


  • France – Nicolas Tordi (ND), Cheikh Tidiane Wane (AND)
  • Slovakia – Ľubor Tománek (AND), Gabriela Olosová (AND)
  • USAKim Graber (ND), Eve Bernstein (ND), Lisa Witherspoon (ND), Monica Lounsbery (ND), Ula Lysniak (AND)
  • MalaysiaEng Hoe Wee (ND), Shabehad Rengasamy (AND)
  • IndonesiaSaryono Saryono (ND), Nursita Utami (AND), Erwin Setyo Kriswanto (AND)
  • OmanBadrya al Hadabi (ND)
  • NepalGovinda Prasat Bhattarai (ND), Manita Rajkanrikar (AND)
  • Paraguay - Julio Vera Torres (ND), Ana Ortigoza (AND), Angel Díaz (AND), Nelson Ovelar Medina (AND)



2.FIEP New Leaders Project



Dario Novak, FIEP Europe General Secretary, presented new FIEP project “FIEP New Leaders – FNL”. 1st launch of FNL program for graduate or doctoral students or young teachers with an intention to enable young people to interact with broader scientific community was realised during congress. 12 young’s from 10 European and 1 African country were included in this project, hosted for free (free congress fee, accommodation and meals) and actively participated on preparation and realisation of event with presentations.


Delegates confirmed creation of new FIEP Europe International section:


Name of Section: FIEP Europe New Leaders International Section

President: Gabriela Olosová (Slovakia)

Vice-presidents: Gunay Yidzer (Turkey), Hrvoje Podnar (Croatia)

Seat: FIEP Europe offices in Bratislava, Slovakia

Members: 12 FNL from Rabat congress


Section program for the near future: European Diversity, Gender Equality

§  Selection of additional FNL

(multidisciplinary areas, universities / sport organizations)

§  Creating a network, continuous online communication

(e-mails, social media)

§  Develop a vision / mission and rules of FNL section

§  Discussion with / among FIEP national delegates  about possibilities of engagement FNL into FIEP (inter)national activities



3. FIEP Bulletin


José Fernandes Filho, editor of FIEP Bulletin, presented the oldest world international journal in the field of physical education (created in 1931). From 2006 is Bulletin edited in electronic version also. More as 3000 articles are in disposition for reading and downloading for free on http://www.fiepbulletin.net.

-        He asked FIEP delegates and members to send articles for publishing

-        He presented aim of Editorial board increase scientific level of journal and integrate it into the different databases.   



4. Journal “Physical Education and Sport through the Centuries"


Nenad Zivanovic (Serbia) presented 2nd issue of international journal “Physical Education and Sport through the Centuries" published in cooperation with University of Nis in Serbia. He presented call for FIEP national delegates and FIEP members to send articles for next issues. On-line version and more info about journal can be found in:



5. FIEP publication 2016 “Physical Education and New Technologies”


In 2015 FIEP European International Section for History of PE and Sports in cooperation with University of Pristina, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Leposavic published books “History of Physical Education in Europe I. and II.”. Editors were Nenad Živanovič, Petar Pavlovič, Branislav Antala and Kristina Pantelic Babic.


In 2016 FIEP is planning publish publication „Physical Education and New Technologies” We are offering the opportunity to contribute a “chapter” article for publication to FIEP delegates and members.

  • Project coordinators:
    • Djurdica Kamenaric – Croatian Kinesiology Association
    • Dario Novak – FIEP General Secretary, University of Zagreb
    • Branislav Antala - FIEP Europe President, Comenius University in Bratislava
  • Sending article + photos in electronic version on e-mail address:
  • Language: English
  • Deadline for sending articles:  28th  of February, 2016
  • Planning edition – July 2016

§  Article requirements: range - max.10 pages; structure of the article – title, author/authors (first name and surname), workplace, country, state; text; photos; font: Times New Roman, fond size: 10, line feed: 1,5; references – APA 6



6. FIEP Integration in International Projects and Networks


  • ICSSPE International Committee of Sport Pedagogy

            2013 – 2016: FIEP chair

            Meetings: China 2013, Slovakia 2013, Finland 2014, Cuba 2014, Brazil 2015,

                             Iran 2015, Macau 2016, Brazil 2016

  • PE Alliance (FIEP – EUPEA)
  • HOPSports Brain-Breaks
  • Global Forums on Physical Education Pedagogy (GoFPEP)

            USA 2010, Germany 2012, South Africa 2014, Turkey 2016  

  • International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS)

            China 2008, Scotland 2012, Brazil 2016

  • Designed to Move (ICSSPE, AIMS, Nike)




7. 11th FIEP European Congress in 2016


Slobodan Šimovič, representative of organisers from Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of University in Banja Luka, had presentation about next FIEP European Congress. The 11th FIEP European Congress will be held in Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina from the 14th to 18th of September 2016. Topic will be “Anthropological Aspects of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation”.  

  • Organizing Committee:
  • Milorad Dodik, President of Republic of Srpska, is Organizing Committee Chair and Željka Cvijanovič, Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska is member of Organizing Committee. Next members are representatives of executive and legislative authorities of the Republic of Srpska, representatives of University of Banja Luka, representatives of city of Banja Luka and FIEP representatives.
  • Contact: Email : congress.fiep@zepterpassport.com
  • Congress website is already open: www.fiep2016unibl.org 
  • Facebook : www.facebook.com/fiepbanjaluka  

Next FIEP delegates meeting will be held in Banja Luka. We would like to invite all FIEP national delegates to participate on 11th FIEP European Congress in Banja Luka and ask them to promote congress in their countries.



8. FIEP Activities in 2016, 2017 and 2018


In 2014 and 2015 FIEP started to develop activities in Asia. 1st FIEP Asia Conference on Physical Education was held in Tokyo, Japan, 13th of December 2014. FIEP representatives visited in 2015 Tunku Abdul Rahman University College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and University Negeri Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They discussed opportunities of future cooperation between bodies. In 2016 FIEP would like to develop cooperation with Beijing Sport University in China.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 FIEP is planning these important events:


  • 31th FIEP International Congress; Foz de Iguazzu, Brazil; 9th – 13th of January 2016; web: http://www.congressofiep.com/
  • 2nd FIEP Asia Conference on Physical Education; Tokyo, Japan; 13th - 14th of February 2016; Contact: asia.fiep@gmail.com
  • 26th FIEP World Congress; Asunción, Paraguay, 9th – 12th of July 2016; Contact: fiep.paraguay@gmail.com
  • + all annual congresses in Latin America: Cordoba (Argentina), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), San Louis Potosi (Mexico), Merida (Venezuela), Puerto Montt (Chile) etc.



  • 32th FIEP International Congress; Foz de Iguazzu, Brazil; FIEP elections, January; web: http://www.congressofiep.com/
  • 12th FIEP European Congress; Luxembourg; 13th – 16th of September 2017
  • 27th FIEP World Congress 2017; Acapulco, Mexico, October/November 2017
  • + all annual congresses in Latin America: Cordoba (Argentina), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), San Louis Potosi (Mexico), Merida (Venezuela), Puerto Montt (Chile) etc.



  • 33th FIEP International Congress; Foz de Iguazzu, Brazil; January; web: http://www.congressofiep.com/
  • 3rd FIEP Asia Conference on Physical Education and Sports; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; June 2018
  • 28th FIEP World Congress and 13th FIEP European Congress; Istanbul/Antalya, Turkey, October/November 2018
  • + all annual congresses in Latin America: Cordoba (Argentina), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), San Louis Potosi (Mexico), Merida (Venezuela), Puerto Montt (Chile) etc.


FIEP Activities 2016 - 2018


  • FIEP Bulletin and FIEP Bulletin on-line
  • FIEP Awards (International Cross of Honour, FIEP Top Brazil, FIEP Europe Thulin Award, Aguila de Oro, FIEP Croatia Award etc.)
  • FIEP Virtual Television
  • FIEP Publications 
  • FIEP Houses of Physical Education  (Brazil, Mexico)
  • FIEP Felicitated Card
  • FIEP Physical Education Teachers without Borders (Latin America)
  • 1st of September – Day of Physical Education Professionals (Brazil)
  • FIEP Websites and Social Networks (FB, TW)



9. FIEP Upgrades


FIEP Statute


FIEP would like to upgrade FIEP statute. Text of statute (in English) will be send to FIEP national delegates for comments and proposals.


            FIEP World Manifest


FIEP published in 2000 FIEP World Manifest on Physical Education. FIEP would like to prepare upgrade of Manifest in occasion of FIEP Centenary 2023. Text of Manifest will be send to FIEP national delegates for comments and proposals.


            FIEP Centenary (1923 – 2023)


FIEP will start planning of celebration of FIEP Centenary (2013). FIEP Executive board ask national delegates to send their proposal of activities, events, etc.



10. Varia



Almir Gruhn (Brazil), FIEP World President


§  FIEP prepares conventions of cooperation with different educational, PE and sport bodies (Universities, Faculties, Teacher organisations etc.) from around the world. Info about all signed conventions will be published in FIEP Bulletin. 


Stefania Cazzoli (Italy), President of FIEP World International APA section


§  Upgrade of International Charter on Physical Education, Physical Activities and Sport will be accepted by UNESCO in November 2015


Dario Novak (Croatia), FIEP Europe General Secretary


§  New offices of FIEP Europe General Secretary and FIEP Croatia will be open in short time in Faculty of Kinesiology of University of Zagreb in Croatia. Offices will be open thanks to the support of University of Zagreb, especially to Damir Knjaz, dean of Faculty of Kinesiology.


Branislav Antala (Slovakia), FIEP Europe President


§  Gheorghe Balint, FIEP Europe Vice-president, opened new FIEP offices in University of Bacau in Romania.


§  Delegates confirmed to Croatian Kinesiology Federation opportunity to award during 25th Summer School held in Poreč, Croatia (28.6.-2.7.2016) three personalities by FIEP commemorative medals: Dragan Milanovič (Full Professor), Krešimir Krištič (PE Teacher) and Albin Redžič (PE Teacher).


·       FIEP membership fee:

Individual and collective members are asked to pay their membership fee. Membership fee is one of sources for covert different FIEP activities – books, awards, materials, etc. FIEP Executive Board thanks in advance for payment of membership fee. Here is bank contact and details:


Bank account

for FIEP European individual and collective members


Name of account: Darygranty Fakulta telesnej výchovy a športu UK, BA

Name of bank: Statna pokladnica

Address of bank: Radlinskeho 32, 810 05 Bratislava, Slovakia 


IBAN: SK 0281 8000 0000 7000 1502 54


Reason of payment: FIEP + year


Collective members


Eastern, Middle and South Europe: 50, - Euro /year

Western and Nord Europe: 100, - Euro/ year


Individual members:


Eastern, Middle and South Europe: 10, - Euro/year

Western and Nord Europe: 20, - Euro/year        



Branislav Antala

FIEP World International Vice-president

Rabat, 13 th of November 2015                                                           FIEP Europe President