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Report from 9th FIEP European Congress and FIEP Delegates Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria, 9th – 11th of October 2014

9th FIEP European Congress together with 7th International Scientific Congress “Sport, Stress, Adaptation” was held from 9th – 11th of October in Sofia, Bulgaria. Topic of congress was “Physical Education and Sport – Competencies for Life“. Congress was organized by National Sport Academy in Sofia and its partners with patronage of Ministry of Youth and Sports of Bulgaria. Special thanks belong to the FIEP national delegate of Bulgaria Daniela Dasheva, President of Organising Committee and Stefka Djobova, Scientific Secretary of congress and to all others, who participated on preparation of this important event.

In congress were registered 347 participants from 36 countries. During congress were presented more than 250 papers and posters. Evgeniya Radanova, Minister of Youth and Sports of Bulgaria participated in opening ceremony. Daniela Dasheva (Bulgaria) was awarded by “Medalha Manoel Gomes Tubino” and Enric Sebastiani Obrador (Spain), Igor Nikolayevich Nikulin (Russia), Ivana Milanovic (Serbia) and Poklad Natalia Ivanovna (Russia) were awarded by “FIEP Europe Thulin Award 2014”.

FIEP Delegates Meeting
(10th of October 2014)

FIEP delegates meeting was held 10th of August 2014 in rector meeting room in National Sport Academy in Sofia. In meeting participated also Toshiko Sugino (Japan), FIEP World Vice-president for Asia and Uri Schifer (Israel), ICSSPE Vice-president and colleagues from African countries.

1. Memory

Dimitrios Hatziharistos from National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, FIEP national delegate of Greece died 16th of February 2014. Delegates take one minute of silence for his memory.

2. New FIEP National Delegates (ND), Assistant National Delegates (AND)

During FIEP delegates meeting were confirmed new FIEP national and assistant national delegates:

Greece – Katarina Zounhia (ND), Emannouil Adamakis (AND)

Albania – Juel Jarani (ND), Dean Qefalia (AND)

Hungary – Tamás Csányi (ND)

Macedonia – Marjan Malcev (ND), Bujar Saiti (AND)

Montenegro – Stevo Popovič (ND)

Great Britain – Scotland – Andrews Dalziell (ND)

Romania – Stefan Nut (AND)

Spain – Catalunya – Marc Coradelles Adzerias (ND), Bernardo Masciano, Marc Escolar Garcia (AND)

Morocco – Brahim Alaoui (ND), Abdellatif Naja (AND)

Belarusia - Svietlava Vlasava (ND)

3. International Charter of Physical Education and Sport (1978) - revision

UNESCO prepares revision of International Charter of Physical Education and Sport from 1978 with cooperation of ICSSPE and other international bodies. FIEP as member of ICSSPE is involved in this work. FIEP will prepare comments and proposal by these steps:

15th of November 2014 – creation of FIEP Europe commission for revision Chair: Jela Labudova (Slovakia) – labudova@fsport.uniba.sk

15th of December 2014 – deadline for sending proposals

10th – 15th of January 2015 – 30th FIEP international congress in Foz de Iguazzu in Brazil, meeting with FIEP Latin-America commission for charter revision and formulation of final FIEP revision proposals.

2015 – sending FIEP proposals to ICSSPE and UNESCO

Chair of European revision commission will send to all national delegates next information in few days.

4. FIEP Europe “International Section on History of Physical and Sport”

4.a. FIEP publication 2015 “History of PE in Europe"

In 2014 FIEP in cooperation with EUPEA published book “Physical Education – Quality in Management and Teaching”. Book was published by German publish house Logos and editors were Claude Scheuer, Branislav Antala and Martin Holzweg. In 2015 FIEP is planning to publish publication „History of Physical Education in Europe” We are offering the opportunity to contribute a “chapter” article for publication to FIEP delegates and members.

• Project coordinators:
Petar Pavlovic – FIEP national delegate of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kristina Pantelic - FIEP assistant national delegate of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nenad Živanovič - FIEP national delegate of Serbia, section President

• Sending article + photos in electronic version on e-mail address: kristina.pantelic.babic@gmail.com with copies in kri.pan@hotmail.com, zivanovic@hera.fsfv.ni.ac.rs and antala@fsport.uniba.sk .

• Language: English

• Deadline for sending articles: 30th of December, 2014

• Planning edition – June 2015

• Article requirements: range - max.10 pages; structure of the article – title, author/authors (first name and surname), workplace, country, state; text; photos; font: Times New Roman, fond size: 10, line feed: 1,5; references – APA 6

4.b. Journal “Physical Education and Sport through the Centuries"

Nenad Zivanovic (Serbia) presented 1st issue of international journal “Physical Education and Sport through the Centuries" published in cooperation with University of Nis in Serbia. He presented also call for FIEP national delegates and FIEP members to send articles for next issues. On-line version and more info about journal can be found in:


FIEP delegates very appreciated work of Nenad Zivanovic and all his editorial team.

5. New FIEP „International Section of Physical Education Pedagogy“

Vladimir Findak, FIEP national delegate of Croatia and Ivan Prskalo, dean of Teacher Faculty of University of Zagreb, Croatia proposed to create new FIEP Europe international section oriented to teaching problems in physical education. After very interested discussion about English name of this section delegates by voting decided to create “International Section of Physical Education Pedagogy” with opportunity of translations on different languages accepting tradition and language specification of every country. Ivan Prskalo proposed Teacher Faculty of University of Zagreb as hosting place of this section. Delegates very appreciated it and accepted this proposal. Ivan Prskalo was elected as a chair of this section also.

6. FIEP Europe Thulin Award 2015 – 2016

2nd edition of „FIEP Europe Thulin Award“ was successfully realised during the years 2013 – 2014. This award was created for awarding the most important European personalities and young researchers with high national and international acceptation in the field of PE. FIEP Europe General Secretary Dario Novak presented proposition of 3rd edition 2015 – 2016. He presented time schedule of realisation:

1 st of November 2014 – call for proposals

31 st of January 2015 – deadline for sending proposals

1 st of February 2015 - 31 st of March 2015 – selection of winners by FIEP International Jury

April 2015 – publication of laureates

2015 – awarding during 10st FIEP European congress

2016 – awarding during 11th FIEP European congress

7. 10th FIEP European Congress

Representatives of Organising committee (Brahim Alaoui and Abdellatif Naja) had presentation about next FIEP European Congress and 1st Afro-European Conference on Physical Education and Sport. The 10th FIEP European congress and 1st Afro-European Conference on Physical Education and Sport will be held in Institut Royal de Formation des Cadres, Rabat, Morocco from the 12th to 15th of November 2015 . Topic will be “Physical Education and Sports for Peace, Development and Multicultural Understanding”.

• Contact person – Abdellatif Naja , contact@fiep2015rabat.com

• More information on congress website: http://www.fiep2015rabat.com (website will be open in November 2014)

8. FIEP European Congresses 2016 and 2017

11th FIEP European Congress 2016

Representatives of University of Banja Luka presented proposal to organise 11th FIEP European congress in Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Very nice video clip was presented. Delegates appreciate their presentation and confirmed organisation of 11th FIEP European Congress in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

12th FIEP European Congress 2017

Claude Scheuer (Luxembourg) presented proposal of University of Luxembourg to organise 12th FIEP European congress in 2017. They presented information on power point presentation. Delegates appreciated presentation and confirmed organisation of 12th FIEP European Congress in Luxembourg.

9. Varia

Giyusettin Demirham (Turkey), FIEP national delegate of Turkey:

13 th FIEP European Congress 2018 – Antalya, Turkey Giyusettin Demirham proposed Antalya as a place of 13th FIEP European Congress in 2018. FIEP delegates appreciated this offer and confirmed it.

Dario Novak (Croatia), FIEP Europe General Secretary

FIEP Future Leader Project (FFL) – Dario Novak presented agreement between FIEP and Organising committee of 10th FIEP European congress in Rabat to realise FFL project. 10 FFL (master students, PhD. students or young teachers) will be host for free (free congress fee, accommodation and meals) during congress in Rabat and will actively participate on preparation and realisation of event with presentations (oral or poster). Coordinator of FFL project will be Dario Novak, FIEP Europe General Secretary. Call for proposal for FFL will be send to all national delegates no later as end of this year. We ask national delegates to start thinking about FLV selection and preparation of proposals.

Branislav Antala (Slovakia), FIEP Europe President

Presented FIEP integration in international projects and networks:
- ICSSPE International Committee of Sport Pedagogy (ICSP),
2012 – 2016 FIEP chairing, ICSP meetings - Glasgow 2012, Tjanjin 2013, Helsinki 2014, Havana 2014
- PE Alliance (FIEP – EUPEA)
- HOPSports Brain-Breaks
- Global Forum on Physical Education Pedagogy (GoFPEP) - USA 2010, Germany 2012, South Africa 2014, Turkey 2016
- Health and PE - Global Perspective and Best Practice -Sagamore Publishing 2014
- Designed to Move (ICSSPE, AIMS, Nike)

Presented next FIEP worldwide activities: - FIEP World Congress – Morelia, Mexico, 14th – 17th of November 2014 - 1st FIEP Asia Conference on PE – Tokyo, Japan, 13th of December 2014 - 30th FIEP International Congress on Physical Education, Foz de Iguazzu, Brazil, 10th–14th of January 2015

FIEP membership fee: Individual and collective members are asked to pay their membership fee. Membership fee is one of sources for covert different FIEP activities – books, awards, materials, etc. FIEP Executive Board thanks in advance for payment of membership fee. Here is bank contact and details:

Bank account
for FIEP individual and collective members

Name of account: Dary a granty Fakulta telesnej výchovy a športu UK, BA
Name of bank: Statna pokladnica
Address of bank: Radlinskeho 32, 810 05 Bratislava, Slovakia

IBAN: SK 0281 8000 0000 7000 1502 54

Reason of payment: FIEP + year

Collective members

Eastern, Middle and South Europe: 50, - Euro /year
Western and Nord Europe: 100, - Euro/ year

Individual members:

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Western and Nord Europe: 20, - Euro/year

Sofia, 10 th of October 2014                                                         Branislav Antala
FIEP Europe President