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8.1. 2010

8th International Seminar for Physical Education Teachers, Vierumäki, Finland, 1.- 6.8. 2010

The seminar has been organized every second year since 1996 and it is held at the Sport Institute of Finland which is one of the leading sports institutes in Europe. Last seminar in 2008 collected over 250 participants from 21 countries. Lecturers and experts from several countries provide top of the line knowledge and new practical ideas to be used by physical education teachers in their every day teaching. The goals of the seminar are to offer a possibility to exchange ideas and energy among the participants, the personal growth and development as a teacher and the stimulating atmosphere of the international communication.

Website:   www.peseminar2010.org

Registration, accommodation and transportation

Ms. Johanna Skyttä, Seminar Secretary

Sport Institute of Finland /PE Seminar 2010/

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